Fiberglass Blowing Wool

Why blow in? - Fiberglass Blowing Insulation

Fiberglass Blowing Wool, or simply "Blown Fiberglass" Insulation offers complete ceiling coverage, has no settle, no mold, flame retardancy and can be installed safely in difficult to access attics. Simply put, if there was a better product, we'd offer it instead.

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quality installation 

When we arrive to complete a project, our industrial blown Insulation machines are self contained, and adjusted to meet the optimal manufacturers specifications for Blown Insulation. Averaging 15-25 pounds of insulation per minute during install, R Values Insulation cuts install time down drastically. Many homes can be completely insulated in 2 hours or less but we never rush. And YES, we do clean up our jobsites once completed! 

Classic Florida Homes

For existing homes older than 15 years, We may recommend homeowners having the AC system including ductwork reviewed prior to insulating by a licensed HVAC company. This ensures the cooling system is operating at peak performance BEFORE installing insulation, and extends the life of Blown Insulation by reducing attic traffic and compression after install. 

R-30 PLease!

Southwest Florida is located in ZONE 2, requiring a minimum level of R-30 for most residential homes. Blown Insulation offers the flexibility of adding 8", 12" or More depending on your current  insulation level. 

In most existing residential homes, no other insulation method compares to the reliability and affordability of Fiberglass Blowing Wool Insulation installed by R Values Insulation LLC

Energy freaks

A few key factors determine how efficient your home can be. 

R Values Insulation ensures that all accessible living area ceilings are covered properly with blown Insulation, minimizing energy loss from ceilings and helping keep the cold are where it belongs.

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R Values Insulation LLC is a full service insulation company. Looking for more than blown insulation?

Kraft Faced Batt Insulation, Rigid Insulation, R13, R19, R30 and More!

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We hope many of your questions can be answered on this website. If you have project questions or would like to discuss adding insulation to your home, get it in touch. With years of experience in southwest Florida, R Values Insulation LLC is equipped to tackle your insulation project. 

Frequently Asked Insulation Questions and Topics

Fiberglass VS Cellulose 

R Values Insulation primarily offers blown fiberglass insulation. We do NOT install cellulose based insulation. Cellulose is an organic based (wood or paper) insulation that has been used for many years, and still utilized commonly in northern climates. While offering a higher Initial R-Value per inch than fiberglass, Cellulose commonly settles after install which reduces R-value. Cellulose is often chemically treated with Borate which imparts Flame retardancy.  

Fiberglass Blowing Wool or Blown Fiberglass Insulation is the ideal insulation solution in Southwest Florida. No settle, thermal blanket that offers complete coverage of living areas at affordable pricing and flexible installation. 98%-99% Biosoluble glass mineral wool passes ATSM testing to ensure non combustibility, will not corrode, and does inhibit mold or fungi growth. If there is a better material solution for improving residential insulation economically we would offer it. 

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Fiberglass vs Pest Insulation

R Values Insulation does not offer Insulation designed to eliminate pests. As a licensed insulation contractor, our goal is to improve your homes thermal efficiency. If we notice signs of "Attic Intruders" such as rats, mice, birds, or raccoons we will alert the homeowner immediately. In some scenarios, complete removal of attic insulation is required. We are equipped to remove insulation via industrial vacuuming and manual removal, including disposal. This allows other trades such as Licensed Pest Control companies, or General Contractors to treat the attic area with chemicals and ensure all pest access points are addressed to prevent further intruders. Sometimes this includes "Fogging" the attic to sanitize it. After the attic is sealed and ready for Re-Insulating, our team returns to add R-30 Blown Fiberglass to the effected attic area.  

Other Major Energy Problems? 

Air Sealing could be your culprit! In some situations recessed lighting and other ceiling penetrations are not properly seamed to the drywall or ceiling. Varying on the temperatures, the expanding hot air from the attic can push hot attic air into living space or alternatively the attic can draft the cold air in, causing the AC system to struggle. 

For a tailored solution, contact us or complete the Quick Estimate form. contains great information!

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Insulation Licensing in Lee County Florida

R Values Insulation is a Licensed and Insured Insulation Contractor in Lee County, FL. 

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Insulation Permits for DIY 

Most small Residential Insulation projects do not require permits, tempting home owners to consider the DIY approach. R Values will not install insulation provided by the homeowner or project manager. There are many different forms of blown insulation. At R Values Insulation we only use approved and proven materials. (Fiberglass Ultra Blowing Wool). This ensures accurate install quality and desired r-values. 

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R-Value Meaning "R-Value" in INsulation

R-Value is used to describe a materials resistance to thermal heat flow. The R-Value for a insulation product is typically determined by thickness or density of material per inch. For Blown Insulation, for more inches installed the higher the r-value.

Here is Southwest Florida, Zone 2, R-30 or R-38 attic insulation is recommended by the Department of Energy. For Existing homes, we can add 8" or more to bring your homes r-value up to efficient levels. 

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